Musique : Alpha Sick

Malicia Darkwave : Alpha Sick
  • Genre : dark, uplifting, techno, cinematic, minimal, industrial
  • Date de création : 2022 - 2024
  • Durée totale :
  • The beginning of the alphabet, where the journey begins. Because, in the beginning was the Word: the Word was with God and the Word was God.

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Malicia Darkwave : (Oh yeah) Boom baby hum (Oh yeah) Boom baby hum
Girls move their bodies like goddesses and kiss the camera. But why? Why please above all? Does this justify the behavior of certain men who cross the line? Of course not. The dark wave, charged of electricity, comes from deep to avenge the frail souls. Theme for Elektr.
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Malicia Darkwave : I love C, C that witch I love C, C that witch
It's the story of a witch called C, like Coriander or Cinnamon, it depends on the tales. You think his potions are good for you, you feel like a king thanks to its magical powers. But don't forget: the witch made a pact with the devil. She fears nothing and makes you believe the same, but slowly you go down to hell.
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Malicia Darkwave : Darkness control Darkness control
who controls what? to tell the truth, nobody controls anything anymore. #Fears take over and cannot be mastered, unless we fall into schizophrenia and dark #madness. The innocent child is soiled. The worker is denigrated. The dreamer turns into #nightmare. The shortcomings of humanity through #hope and desperate attempts to #survive, which end in #violence and self-#destruction, to marvellous global #insanity.
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Malicia Darkwave : Dead don't die anymore Dead don't die anymore
whether we are in the depths of a Mongolian steppe or in a Brazilian epic, all cultures agree. At the bottom of a hole or in the skies: the dead can no longer die a second time. Will you have a clear enough conscience so that their memory does not come to haunt you in atrocious nightmares?
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Malicia Darkwave : Ever seen Ever seen
Summer and his good vibes takes you to Bali and the mysticals rivers to the Gods. But What ? There is a seious problem. It seems... you have ever seen this. But you never travelled there. Is it something back from your memories ? A forgetted life ? An ancient spirit triying to tell sometiong before you get totally mad ?
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Malicia Darkwave Malicia Darkwave Malicia Darkwave Malicia Darkwave Malicia Darkwave

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