Musique : B4CK7092

Malicia Darkwave : B4CK7092
  • Genre : dark, uplifting, techno, psytrance, minimal, industrial
  • Date de création : 2022.
  • Durée totale :
  • Welcome back to the past. Thirty years ago... or Thirty years to the future ?

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L'album n'est pas encore produit.


Malicia Darkwave : Vigil of pain Vigil of pain
How can a guardian do so much hurt !
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Malicia Darkwave : Tallest tree bee be (baobab) Tallest tree bee be (baobab)
What's the baobab covered of bees ? the tallest tree, baobab and "bi bi" came from ancient forest that encourage dreaming and the awakening of consciousness... Bees are the workers of your soul
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Malicia Darkwave : Learning a Gnossienne Learning a Gnossienne
When I was a young child, I learned a music : the Gnossienne n°1 by Erik Satie, with my piano teacher...
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Malicia Darkwave : Dune Variation Dune Variation
I played the cryo video game called Dune Spice Opera. I loved so much the musics, I heard it again and again... Then contacted Stéphane Picq, the musician of this album to tell him how much I love his music. Dune Variation 2022 is born.
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