Musique : Ancient Wisdom

Malicia Darkwave : Ancient Wisdom
  • Genre : dark, uplifting, techno, minimal, bass, esoteric
  • Date de création : 2023 - 2024
  • Durée totale :
  • Now it's the time for the good values ​​to record before dying: revenge and hatred of those you have harmed, divine justice, prayer. It's time to laugh. But it's not you who's laughing. Open your mind take your brain out of your skull.

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Malicia Darkwave : Hateful soul's revenge Hateful soul's revenge
These last few days have been rich in sensations that have fed my musical appetite. I decided to wake up the Goddess of the Night.
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Malicia Darkwave : Mighty Loneliness Mighty Loneliness
I wish to praise the ambivalence of solitude. It is sadness, withdrawal and withering. But she can also give you the best. It is just as much fulfillment, inner peace, development of abilities. Expectation and desire. He who only knows one side is not whole.
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Malicia Darkwave : Ritual Bass Ritual Bass

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Malicia Darkwave Malicia Darkwave Malicia Darkwave Malicia Darkwave Malicia Darkwave

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