Musique : Phoenix Elements

Malicia Darkwave : Phoenix Elements
  • Genre : techno, psytrance, minimal, dark, industrial
  • Date de création : 2020.
  • Durée totale :
  • To make a phoenix, here are the Elements of the recipe :

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L'album n'est pas encore produit.


Malicia Darkwave : Earth Earth
From TERRE ... Dirty, full of dust, tribal and messy.
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Malicia Darkwave : Water Water
From Eau ... Liquid, #dark, uplifting #trance #techno. Enter the waves of seas rivers and more between mermaids and haunted boats.
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Malicia Darkwave : Phlogistic Phlogistic
Deep, #dark, hovering, with a bouncing shuffle #techno groove. A perfect mix of fire, water and air ; a new piece of the puzzle #PhoenixElements. From Eau-Air-Feu
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Malicia Darkwave : Nitroglycerine Nitroglycerine
From Feu-Eau ... This music explode your mind ! liquid fire into your veins.
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