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Malicia Darkwave reinterprets Dune video game soundtrack with original composer Stéphane Picq.

Malicia Darkwave has been filling dancefloors in France and Belgium for a number of years, now signing with Los Angeles-based imprint MojoHeadz to bring forth her own darkened brand of techno, house, industrial, and trance with the release of Riding a Dune, Space Opera. The EP finds the artist collaborating with composer Stéphane Picq on a series of revisions and reinterpretations of the score he created with Philip Ulrich for Cryo’s 1992 video game adaptation of Frank Herbert’s DUNE, famously released as Dune: Spice Opera. “I loved so much the music,” Malicia explains, having played the game at a young age, “I then contacted Stéphane Picq to tell him how much I loved his music.” That correspondence resulted in this collaboration, with Malicia crafting three techno versions of themes from the game, including lyrics and vocals, along with a House mix of “Emotion Control.” Riding a Dune, Space Opera is due for release on April 7.

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Malicia Darkwave Malicia Darkwave Malicia Darkwave Malicia Darkwave Malicia Darkwave

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